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 hacking sticky keys

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PostSubject: hacking sticky keys   Sat May 26, 2007 1:37 am

Press "shift" 5 times and check out what comes up, isn't that cool!!???

No! it is gay... so, why not switch it with something useful?
This tutorial is for switching "sticky keys" to a "CMD" or "Command prompt"... but, you can switch it with any executable you like!

1) So, open up "My computer" (Your computer, you don't have access to mine.. i hope!)

2) Double click your hard disk (mine is "C:")

3) Double click on "WINDOWS"

4) find and double click on "system32"

5) find an exe called "sethc.exe" (i might be an asshole, so open it to make sure its not something you need!)

6) Rename it to "piece-o-shit.exe" (if you rename it to anything else, your computer will turn off and not turn back on!)

7) find "CMD.exe" (in same folder)

Cool Right click and "copy"

9) Right click and "paste"

10) right click and "rename" or press "F2"

11) Rename it to "sethc.exe"

:Problems that might occur:
Sometimes when you delete or rename a file that windows considers important, it will automatically make a new one.

This is one way...

1)copy the "CMD.exe" first, paste it on your desktop and rename it to "sethc.exe"
2)go back into "system32" and rename the "sethc.exe" to whatever you want.
3) quickly, drag "sethc.exe" from your desktop into "system32"
1) it is easier to rapidly push "shift" then to press "start+R" and Type "CMD or Command"

2) sticky keys is basically useless.

3) you can create, delete or edit any account if you know the basic network commands without loging in!!!
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hacking sticky keys
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